FWD: RE: Moog vs Roland + comments

From fEEd
Sent Wed, Oct 18th 1995, 17:06

Sorry if the list goets a couple of copies of this, my mailer is acting up. 

>Soon I will have a LAMM MemoryMoog and I'm sure it'll be #1 :)

same here.  i keep saying I am gonna get my MM+ LAMMed, but I always find 
some smaller thing to buy rather than save up the $2k for the upgrade.  I 
have to say that i have played with NOTHING that (in my mind) would come 
close to a MM with the linntronics upgrade.

>For me when I played the MemoryMoog the sounds were exactly what I wanted.
>I feel great playing it. 

Exactly.  Moog synths seem to have a very nice playability factor for me, I 
sit in front of my mini and memorymoog and tweek/play for tweeking/playing's 
sake more than all my other synth's combined.

>I would bet some people feel this way when playing
>a Jupiter 8 or 6.

I am sure, and more power to them.

>The real issue today is who is building gear that is great. Studio 
>,Marion Systems, and Serge. -(IMO)- Do we support these comapanies so they
>are sucessful and stay around a while?

A very good point.  And what about the new oberheim? or doepfer? Or even 
"fringe analog" companies like waldorf?  These are the kind of companies 
that we can should all hope stay around for awhile.


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