Re: [AH] clocking, syncing analog gear for recording in 2008

From drew
Sent Tue, Jun 3rd 2008, 22:22

 	I use an MPC2500 as MIDI master clock and set the metronome to 
count in for 8 clicks before the clock starts...

 	The sampled stuff lines up fine, and for the analog tracks I just 
mute the MPC audio tracks (using input thru on the MPC.) CV sequencing is 
done thru a doepfer MCV4 (little cheap square box, works fine and even has 
some clock dividers built in & accessible from the outside.)

 	If you're meticulous you could route the MPC + analog stuff thru a 
mixer and mute the MPC audio output after it clicks in, but the input thru 
really isn't noisy at all.

 	then when I have all the tracks in pro tools I just line up the 
MPC click tracks... quick, easy, never had a problem.


Drew -

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On Tue, 3 Jun 2008, Horton wrote:

> What can we do about getting rock-solid timing for analog equipment in
> 2008? With the plethora of DAW workstations out there down to
> standalone hardware digital recorders, recording is easier than it's
> ever been for the average hobbyist or home musician. But clocking
> remains the ultimate boondoggle - there's a ton of variation on a MIDI
> interface-by-MIDI interface level, and even a "nicer" USB-MIDI
> interface can wreck timing on even the most powerful computer
> workstation...not to mention once you start throwing sync boxes and
> converters into the mix.
> What works for you? Who here has a setup for recording that gives them
> reliable timing when it comes to sequencing CV synthesizers and also
> syncing analog equipment with on-board sequencers?
> My current setup uses a Futureretro mobius as the master,
> CV-sequencing a DotCom modular. The Mobius slaves a TR-606 over the
> DIN output (whose trigger outs go back to the DotCom) and an Evolver
> desktop's internal sequencer over its MIDI output. This setup is
> ROCK-FREAKING-SOLID. If I was doing that sort of obsessive, mechanical
> 16-note sequence stuff, I'd be in heaven. But the problem comes when
> it's time to multitrack, because I haven't found a single DAW program
> that will allow the Mobius to be its master clock using MIDI clock. I
> guess I could find some sort of standalone recorder, but I really
> covet - and outright need, for my workflow - the mixing, editing, and
> automation that DAW's offer.
> So I run my setup with Cubase as the master clock driving the
> aforementioned setup for multitracking, and I get ok timing but it
> definitely feels different than when the mobius is running on its own
> as the master. It definitely feels different - subtle, but noticeable
> when you've spent hours working with something - once I multitrack out
> each of the parts I have going (dotcom, evolver, 606) in separate
> passes, compared to when everything's just running on its own. I'm
> displeased with this, and while it's not killing me, I'd prefer to
> just take the whole jittery computer clock out of the situation in the
> first place!
> Who here is reliably multitracking with CV's, DIN, MIDI, etc. and
> getting solid timing that you're totally happy with? What's your
> setup, and how are you doing it? Any tips, tricks, or ideas? Any
> secrets or wisdom or missing links you'd like to share?
> AH