Re: [AH] The WORST synth songs

From Alex Theakston
Sent Sun, Jan 22nd 2006, 04:59

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I love many kraftwerk songs, but I have to admit - what on earth did they
use their synthi for? In fact, what on earth do they need a collossal
doepfer modular for when their sounds are so very simple?

because modulars are lovely, I suppose...and who would deny oneself one
synthi if one could afford one, what?

On 1/22/06, Jenna H <> wrote:
> >Have you heard the '80s remake (by M & H Band I think it was)? I think
> >it's pretty damn good...
> All I know is that the original and the other renditions I=B4ve heard use
> the
> kind of sounds that give all synthesizers a bad rep.
> It just struck me how similar the first notes of Popcorn is to Jarres
> Oxygene IV. I=B4m sure someone must have noticed that before me? I wonder=
> Jarre himself thought of it, or if he simply subconsciously had Popcorn o=
> his mind?
> Jenna
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