Re: Roland System 100M

From haines
Sent Sat, Mar 18th 1995, 09:16 (Douglas Jones) says

>I see you've made it to AH  congrats... I'll dig up a old message on a
>mod to Avatar/Odyessey you may be interested in. Please don't post it on
>Cserve till I get one (GRIN).

Yup, I'm here and posting practically out of the starting gate. Oh boy. But
I must say (and to all) that I've died and gone to, analogue
heaven!...just being able to read so many messages by those who are as
twisted as I. :)

I'd be quite please with that mod info. And yes, I know I owe you a
MonoPoly manual copy. It's on my list (it was last time too...just can't
remember where that list is!)


Matt Haines

/  \transmission.