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From Temporary Insanity
Sent Wed, May 3rd 1995, 17:25

I don't know if Ted Lyngmo is on AH, but he has a very
informative web page on midi-controllable analog stuff in this
web page.  Deserves to be on music machines, as a link at least.

He mentions a doepfer rack mount: MS404, that sounds great on
paper:Doepfer MS404.  Has this been discussed here?

     A one-rack-space non-programmable analog synth.

         one VCO with Pulse/Sawtooth wave
         one low-pass filter 24 dB (Moog ladder type) with resonance
(up to self-oscillation)
         one VCA with ADSR envelope generator
         two LFOs
         pulse width can be adjusted manually or by LFO1
         extern audio in for filter
         filter can be modulated by LFO2 or by white noise
         LFO2 has a very broad range (up to 5kHz)
         MIDI In & Thru
         CV/Gate I/O
         15 knobs and a few switches
     Additional information: Doepfers address.

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