[AH] FS:Effects,pedals,filters, Alesis card & Euro modules

From Frank Moreno
Sent Tue, Aug 28th 2007, 03:18

Prices do not include shipping. Gear is located in Los Angeles. I do not 
have a paypal account. Local pickup preferred. I had a couple of hiccups 
shipping gear lately, so I am attempting to get rid of the middle man.

Studio Electronics ModMax ring mod. Box,manual, & PS. Excellent 
condition. $300.00

Electro Harmonix 2880 Super Multi-track looper. Box, manual & PS. 
Excellent condition. $325.00.
Foot pedal for the 2880. UNused in box w/manual and PS. $100.00. (Deal 
for both)

RedSound Federation BPM FX Pro. Manual,PS. Headphone jack does not work. 
Everything else if 100% functional. $180.00

Mutronics Mutator. Box,manual, & PS. Excellent condition. $900.00

Electro Harmonix Flanger Hoax. Box,manual, & PS. Excellent condition. 

Modules: All are in excellent shape. Smoke free studio use only. You can 
read up and get more/better info at the Doepfer/Analogue Haven webstites 
about the modules.

A-155 Sequencer            $290.00 
A-154 Enhanced Sequencer   $185.00  A supplement to an A-155, or two 
A-155 sequenced together. You better get a nap in.  
A-188-1 BBD 4096 stage     $180.00   
A-199 spring reverb        $120.00

AS RP08                    $60.00  Cool little dealio that has 8 x 1/8" 
jacks on the front panel that connect to 8 x 1/4" outputs that you drill 
holes and mount on the back/side of your modular case. This way you can 
run 1/4" from you modular to your mixer or whatever. (Analog Solutions 
module.) Allows you to convert your 1/8" outputs to 1/4" outputs. Nice 
way to integrate your modular into the studio 1/4" world. All necessary 
parts are included (cables,wires,jacks).

Alesis Ram 512 memory expansion card $50.00.