Re: Moog Music

From us008586
Sent Sun, Feb 22nd 1987, 23:56

>The 9900 Sequencer (Price TBA), brings together all the
>best options of analog sequencing with the addition of
>comprehensive MIDI control. The 9900 features 16 step
>sequencing, with a control slider per step to adjust
>voltage, an 8x2 mode, quantized outputs, MIDI and various
>sync connections.

Hmmmm.....Sounds like a Doepfer MAQ-16/3!!!!

>The MD-4 MIDI / CV Convertor (Price TBA), allows users to
>efficiently integrate older analog synthesizers with
>today's MIDI studio. Preliminary features include four
>independent CV convertors, assignable note priority,
>portemento/glide functions, four LFOs, a polyphonic mode
>and eight auxillary outputs.

Hmmmm.....Sounds like a Kenton Pro-4!!!!

I wonder if they are taking the Radio Shack approach
and just putting there name on these things????
Kinda makes you wonder....I still think that there
is a chance that this is vaporware....I hope that
I'm proved wrong :)

Jeff R. Dec