Re: [AH] Help Syncing Up My Gear

From Robert Verberkmoes
Sent Wed, Mar 15th 2000, 08:03

>     I was wondering if some of you could give me some pointers as to how I
>can sync up my gear. Here's my set-up:
>-Roland tr-606
>-Roland sh-101
>-Roland MSQ100
>-SCI/ Pro-One
>-Doepfer MS-404
>-Akai S2800
>-MOTU USB MIDI Interface
>     I've only started messing around hooking the 101 and 606 up together.
>What else can I do?? Thanks. I appreciate the help.
>                                 -John

Nice setup!!  For starters, leaving the MIDI end out of the equation 
altogether, you can take the two trigger outs from the 606 to the sequencer 
trigger ins on the SH-101 and the Pro-1.  Those three machines alone are a 
really powerful combination.  Want more?  Din sync out from the MSQ-100 to 
the DIN sync in on the 606.  MIDI out from the MOTU to the MSQ; now you're 
synced up to MIDI. MIDI out from the MOTU to the Akai and the Doepfer; 
everything is synced up!!  You've also got a CV -> Gate convertor built 
right into the Doepfer, so if you decide you want to sequence the Pro-1 or 
the 101 from the computer, there you are.  You've really got quite a nice 
setup, and as far as syncing things, nothings missing...

now go make music :)

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