Re: Doepfer as Modular Basis

From vance
Sent Mon, Apr 24th 1995, 10:06

  Not only is this a good idea but I believe that this is probably the only 
  way this will happen.  Who knows maybe Doepfer would be interested in this 
  concept.  Are they on the net, do they have email.  

  Since many people have expressed interest in creating more exotic modules we 
  could use doepfer's for the standard functions assuming this stuff works.  
  Has that been determined?  This would releave us from re-inventing basic 
  VCO's, Low pass filter, VCA's, etc.

Something else we should consider is PAiA's plans for creating a
modular system.  They posted here that they were considering coming
out with one, but I'm not sure how far they have gotten with their
plans.  If they have one available I'd probably prefer that we
standardize on that one (it is more difficult for me to mail-order
stuff from Germany).  So does anyone from PAiA want to comment?

-Vance Gloster