[AH] vive la sequencers!

From toby boudreaux
Sent Thu, Jan 15th 1970, 01:00

what do i think of live performance with synths?
umm... good?
i like live performance with just about anything- even wanking van halen
guitar solos,.....

i sequence because i love beats...
the music i make is very hiphop... more samples than anything, but if all
goes well, a doepfer modular will be included.
is knob turning considered PLAYING?
the thing that i like most about synths (especially the modular) is that the
controller (and in fact the controlled object, an the line that seperates
them) is arbitrary.

a modular synth (and semi modulars to a certain degree) is a rhizome, you
know? (for more see A Thousand Plateaus by Felix Guattari and Gilles
Deleuze, who LOVED modular synths) a big 'ol multplicity...

anyway, the point is, i have a hard time with SHOULD, and while i like to
see people playing conventional instruments of all kinds and in conventional
ways, i think a fully automated performance deserves just as much credit, or
at least consideration...