[AH] Lots of eurorack/blacet fs/+ Ebbe und Flut

From implode7
Sent Mon, Feb 4th 2008, 04:13

I'm selling virtually all of my eurorack and blacet gear in order to
maximize a modcan order.

The general algorithm was to take 20% off of the new prices. There are 2
exceptions - because I'd like to get the equivalent modcan format modules, I
discounted the zeroscillator and miniwave a bit less. The Schippman is
discounted a bit more from its current new price. This all made sense in the
profound mental haze that I find myself in during times of profound gear

It's also possible that I made a mistake in the pricing - let me know if you
think so.

All prices are inclusive of shipping to the continental U.S. If you're
elsewhere, I will consider shipping to you, but you need to pay the shipping
differential, might have import duties, etc - if you make it hassle free,
then we can do it.

Note - the Blacet Binary Zone, rack/psu/psconn2, and metalbox Burst
Generator and Divider & Logic, may possibly be accounted for. I need to hear
from someone in the next day or two.

If you order multiple items, I'll take a little bit off. If you order the
whole damn thing, well, we can talk.

Schippman Ebbe und Flut: $1500
 Cwejman  vca 4mx  $440
  adsr-vc2  $428   
  vco-2rm  $460   
  dmf-2  $472   
  d-lfo  $440   
 plan b  model 11  $208
  model 9  $100   
 cynthia  zeroscillator  $860
 livewire  frequensteiner  $180
 the harvestman  polivoks filter  $156
 Analogue Systems  RS 290/295 sampler/delay + expansion  $582
  rs-270 1/8 to 1/4 adapter  $68
 Doepfer  a-138 mixer (2)  $52
  a-162 trigger delay  $64
  a-141 vcadsr (2)  $116
  a-131 vca (2)  $76
  a-147 vclfo  $92 
  a-166 logic module  $104
  a-172 max-min  $60
  a-180 multiples old (2)  $36
  a-180 multiples new(3)  $36
  2 g6 cases  $400 
  a-143-1 - complex eg/lfo  $204
 Blacet  binary Zone *  $148
  Miniwave with Socket Rocket  $249
  Scanner  $83   
  Dual VCA  $103   
  rack/power/psconn2/cable  $170
 metalbox  Burst generator  $200
  Divider & Logic  $200