[AH] Doepfer MAQ

From Nick Zampiello
Sent Mon, Sep 29th 2008, 19:04

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So, i have been trying to get comfortable with this seq and i still have a few mysteries that can't be solved by the manual...

Any help would ROCK MY WORLD!

1, i can't get the max volt out on the cv outs to register above 4.76 volts.  this makes everything out of tune...
i've adjusted it with no instruments attached with a volt meter... to no avail.

2, where is the cascade function hidden?  I want to get the 16x3 going on but i don't see it in the menu...
I see rev 3.40 when i turn it on.
i'm not sure if the software went that high (3.3?) or not so maybe i'm crazy...


Nick Z


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