Re: My New (old) Korg PS-3100

From Anders Wikholm
Sent Thu, Jan 9th 1970, 01:00

> Today the UPS dude lugged 120lbs of synth up the front steps.  My US$100 
> mystery Korg had arrived.  I unpacked what has to be the worst packed 
> synth ever (several gaping holes in the box, loose parts rattling around 
> inside), and found...a PS-3100.  Up to this point, all I knew was that it 
> was a PS-3x00.

This must be one of the cheapest PS-3100 in the world. You've made a great deal.

> The first thing my wife said was, "Are you going to paint it?  It looks 
> so...70's".  I think it looks like an MS-20 on steroids, myself.  The 
> wood(heh heh, I said "wood") is pretty beat (heh, heh, I said "beat") up, 
> but all the knobs are there (heh, heh, I said "knobs").
> I knew the synth had some problems when I bought it, and a cursory 
> inspection showed the fuse to be missing and the voltage selector turned 
> to 200V.  I'm going to have to get back to you on how it sounds.  Inside 
> is this card cage that's about 18"x12"x9", sparsely populated w/ about 9 
> boards.  On one I could make out 48 rows of identical circuits.  Cool!  I 
> guess the PS-3300 is fully populated.

One circuit for each key... No microprocessor needed :) Just wish 
they had put in 48 ADSR EG's instead of that ADS with a R switch.

> Anyway, more on the architecture & sound later.  Now to figure out how to 
> MIDI this damn thing...

Haven't thought much about Midi:ing mine. I beleive the big contact on the 
back has one wire for each key (don't know the electrical specs).


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