Re: [AH] What is the voltage equivalency of a basic audio signal?

From Adam Somers
Sent Mon, Jul 17th 2006, 01:32

Read "Signals in the A-100"

Usually a line level can be plugged right in to a synth.  You need a
preamp for guitar unless your guitar as a line out or really strong
pickups.  Either way, after scaling the signal you'll want an envelope
follower to capture the gesture of the plucking rather than the pure
signal coming from the guitar.


On 7/15/06, Horton <> wrote:
> Assuming that I'm not just thinking about these things in the wrong
> manner, what is the equivalent voltage of an audio signal, in CV
> terms? For example, if I run the audio out of a drum machine into my
> modular, is that a variable voltage source or something entirely
> different? Why can't I just plug a guitar into a modular oscillator
> and use the plucking of the strings as CV sources?
> This thought process came out of using a tr-606's trigger outs as audio...
> Andrew