Re: Who owns the music?

From Dave Manning
Sent Fri, Aug 5th 1994, 05:24

On Thu, 4 Aug 1994, Brian Behlendorf wrote:

> Hmm... looking at my AI2 CD, I noticed some weird songwriting credits:
> 1) The B12, Autechre, and Kenny Larkin songs are owned by "Warp/EMI"

It's not that unusual for a record company to own the publishing rights to
a song; Warp makes sense, and EMI's probably along for the ride as they're
one of the largest (if not *the* largest) music publishing company in the UK.

> 2) The Richard H Kirk track is owned by Island

This is a puzzler - I would have picked either Virgin (from the past Cab
deal) or Instinct in the US. Maybe Island is really hopping on this stuff
and has signed Kirk? What label is his new solo album on?
> 3) The Seefeel and Polygon Window tracks are owned by Chrysalis

Chrysalis UK had some sort of deal w/ Too Pure at one point, I think.
However, this doesn't explain why Warp/EMI isn't publishing it...

BTW, Brian: Did you get the ltd. ed. on WT!?

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