Re: [AH] modular: where to start?

From Bakis Sirros
Sent Tue, Sep 30th 2008, 20:54

my advice:

start with doepfer and buy many cheap 'simple but useful' modules (cv 
sources: lfo's, envelopes), and linear and exponential vca's. you'll always 
be needing linear intepatch vca's... and attenuator modules.

then you move to the more 'exotic' stuff and you can mix advanced modules 
from doepfer (vactrol filter, modular phaser, gates, pll, etc...) with other 
exotic modules from Analogue systems, Livewire, plan B, Cyndustries, 

you may also want to add some excellent frac rac modules...(Blacet, 
Metalbox, STG, Wiard, Cyndustries, etc...)

all the above will give you great capabilities with, mostly, not (very) high 

Bakis Sirros
Parallel Worlds / Interconnected / Memory Geist
doepfer_a100 group owner
Athens - Greece
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From: "Matt" <>
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Sent: Tuesday, September 30, 2008 9:43 PM
Subject: [AH] modular: where to start?

> Whilst making patches I keep wishing my MS-20 or EML-101 had one more
> filter...and an extra LFO...and another VCA...and that each VCO was
> independently controllable...I think this means I ought to start
> thinking about a modular.
> The system that really appeals to me is Doepfer, but I'd be very
> grateful for any advice from you users on the dark side about the
> relative merits of different systems, as there seem to be quite a few.
> And are any cross-compatible? Where does one begin with what can
> clearly so easily become an obsession??
> I'm based in London UK so it might make more sense to go for a
> European system, although the pound is still strong against the dollar
> (for the time being).
> Matt