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Please see: http://www.analoguehaven.com/modular/
Jpegs/mp3 courtesy of Aaron Gum
(Top Row) Synthesizers.com, Encore, MOTM, Metasonix
Bottom Rows: More Dotcom
Stooge cables with Dotcom labelling (free advertising)
Controllers: Doepfer ribbon and Dotcom keyboard
To the left: a large Doepfer/Asys/Asol/Voxglitch/Plan B (module coming soon) etc rig peeking out.
Mp3: Dotcom modular controlled by Doepfer A-198 ribbon controller.
Modules used (copy and paste description): 
"playing around

ribbon controls pitch of 4 dotcom oscs going to the ladder vcf

position gate triggering envelopes for vcf and vca

pressure cv to vcf and vca for a little extra growl as heard about halfway thru the clip

no effects - only dotcom spring reverb

on the pitched theremin stuff the vibrato is all finger - kinda tricky but i like the sound 

came up with a simple doepfer patch last night that uses pressure to add vibrato to fake the wavering theremin type sound.. "
*** All of these modulars play nice together. ***

Shawn Cleary

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