[AH] FS: Doepfer A-100

From Robert Verberkmoes
Sent Sat, Feb 19th 2000, 16:18

I started down the road to building a Doepfer system, only to realize that 
*I already have too much gear* and I really need a new pair of monitors.  
So, off with it's head.  This is a partially filled Doepfer 6U rack 

A-180 Multiple
A-140 ADSR
A-156 Dual Quantizer
A-145 LFO
A-116 Waveform Processor
A-112 Sampler/Wavetable
A-160 Clock Divider
A-161 Clock Sequencer
A-181 Multiple
A-11G6 Frame with power supply

I have $700 into this, so I'm asking $700 + shipping.  Everything is in 
excellent condition and 100% electronically.  If no one wants to buy the 
entire thing, I may sell individual pieces.  Please don't offer me trades 
unless you have a pair of Genelec 1029As or a Synton Syrinx :)

thanks for the bandwidth,
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