Doepfer Madness !

From satti002
Sent Sat, Oct 7th 1995, 23:16

Got a whole bunch of stuff in the mail from Doepfer today.
Some of this is very exciting, but alas, I am getting a 
used Serge modular this week so I won't be buying
anything for a bit.   Quel bummer :)  Probably won't even
be leaving the house actually.  I'm sure I will be just 
miserable :)

New stuff:  u$d, "subject to current exchange rate."
MSY1 : midi to (roland type) sync convertor
                $114     this changes the whole sbx hunt !
MCV1 : midi - cv interface, 1 channel, v/oct or hz/v
                v-trig, s-trig
MAUSI : midi-cv and sync.  also avail as 1-100 module
MAQ16/3 : analog style midi and CV sequencer

a-100 modular system:
you will need the frame and power supply.
Prices on modules range from 40 to 100 $
only vague details here, sorry.  
Standard VCO  4 waveforms, hard sync, pulse width modulation
        limited freq. range
High End VCO : improved waveforms, linear FM input, soft sync
        full audio range.
Dual ring Modulator 
Audio Divider : 4 sub octaves
Voltage Controlled Waveform Processor
        clipping and asymmetrical amplification used to dynamically
       alter waveforms.  modulation inputs.
VCF 24db moog style
        emphasis modulatable !
vcf2 12db multimode (4 outputs)
vdf3  24dB oberheim style
vcf4 24dB high pass resonant
Voltage controlled phaser
resonance filter bank : 4 or 5 band pass filters
        freq, width and amplitude modulatable
clock divider
clock sequencer  (classic 8 step analog sequencer)
sequential switch (electronic rotary switch)
dual trigger delay
Linear VCA
Dual VCA (for modulation signals, cheaper)
Mixer Linear
Mixer Logarithmic
ADSR  3 time ranges : milliseconds to minutes
LFO    5 waveforms, reset input, 5kHz to minutes range
Shepard Generator      2,4 or 8 phase shifted outputs
        yum !  I still want to try one of these.
Dual s&h
Dual VCSwitches       for tricks, routing etc.
Noise, random.     red and blue (?) level of noise adjustable
        rate (=variation) adjustable
Envelope Follower.    generates gates and voltage
Quad trigger inverter.    for logical stuff
Dual Slew Limiter  : portamento, simple AR
        unit 1 has a common knob for rising/falling time (0-10secs)
        unit 2 has separate rise and fall adjustments, 3 time ranges
                I assume this could be applied to audio waves, no ?
Quad Voltage Inverter 

The frame kit is 270$
there is a package deal  available right now, not all of these modules
are yet available.   

Doepfer US : 402-894-0384
Germany : 089-85 55 78


  Over and Out.

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