Re: [AH] doepfer ms-404 problem, need help with diagnosis

From Bionaut
Sent Thu, Aug 12th 2004, 16:25

M. L. wrote...

>What do you think?  Is there something messed up with the osc? Is this an
>easy repair? Is there anyone who repairs these?  I noticed that the only
>service manual doepfer provides is in German.  Lastly, if it is messed
>up, is this the sort of damage that could occur whilst in shipping.

you can get a manual off the doepfer website, i believe. you might want
to look into the midi implementation features. i can't remember if they
all reset each time you power off, but i think they may remain active.
it's possible to have the 404 behave strangely if some combination of
midi controlled parameters are tweaked strangely. there are 2 versions of
the 404. the latest has a few more midi controllable parameters. i don't
know if that would actually explain the situation you are describing, but
it is certainly something to be aware of.