Re: Blacet/MOTM/Modcan (was [AH] MOTM)

From unknown freak
Sent Thu, Feb 17th 2000, 00:01

Modcans are rackmount also, with 7 standard modules fitting across a 19"
rack.  The modules are 9" tall -- much taller than Doepfer, Blacet, AS, or,
I believe, MOTM.

I recall reading that Modcan modules output and accepted control signals in
a range of 5 rather than 10 volts, but I can't seem locate the specific text
that mentioned this.

On Wed, 16 Feb 2000 14:39:28 +0000, wrote:

>  "i was just wondering if you could build a modular that housed blacet,
>  MOTM, modcan or any other units and have them work together without any
>  problems or adjustments?"
>  ---The biggest compatibility issue is the module dimension, followed by
>  power supply connectors/voltages, and patching connector styles.
>  Since Blacet and MOTM are rack mount(not sure about modcan), then it is
>  typical for customers to fill out a SKB or other brand rack container
>  with various module types, row by row, using the mounting hardware
>  available from each module maker. I know a lot of people are into this
>  mix and match game...
>  Regards.
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>  John Blacet
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