[AH] FS - Doepfer Vocoder a129-1 and a129-2 & Doepfer A100P portable sui

From Rafael Cohen
Sent Sat, Jul 26th 2008, 23:11

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Hi all,

Doepfer Vocoder A129-1 and A129-2 for $425
This was purchased from Analogue Haven a few weeks ago, and it just doesn't
really fit my style.  It is in perfect condition functionally speaking and
excellent cosmetic condition as well.  I am including 15 doepfer patch
cords, 50cm mono - grey, also purchased from Analogue Haven.

Doepfer A100P portable suitcase for $425
It has the power plug in the rear and the newer PSU2.  This was also
purchased from Analogue Haven, but in March.  I am getting a bigger case, so
I am selling this one.  It has a nice sticker of a Magritte painting on the
front, some trees and a surrealist sunset.  The only thing about this is
that I would like to wait to complete this deal until the new case comes,
but that should only be a few weeks.

I live in Brooklyn, NYC, I prefer PayPal.  I am only interested in shipping
this within the USA for now.  If it does not sell I will consider selling
internationally.  Pick up is OK too.  I have lots of feedback on AH and eBay
(as rafe127) and on the synthesizers.com forum.