Re: [AH] Doepfer A-100 advice please

From Florian Anwander
Sent Thu, Nov 6th 2008, 12:06

Hi Matt

As Matthew said, there are other brands, you should have a look at.

In the doepfer range my comment would be
> My intuition was that I'd need, as a minimum, a 6HU suitcase plus 

> A110 (VCO) x 2, 
I prefer the A-111. More stable, lin FM, hard and soft sync, and the 
hard sync sound of triangle core oscillators is more to my taste.

> A120 (LPF), A123 (HPF), 
Both are not the best Doepfer filters. I prefer the SSM2044 filter 
(A105) or the A108 (Moogstyle, but switchable from 6dB to 48 dB) as 
lowpass, and the A-106-5 SEM-filter as Multimode/Highpass.

> A131 (VCA), 
Instead of this go for the A-132-3 Dual linear/exponential VCA
(you need linear VCAs for envelope modulation and exponential VCAs for 
LFO or Velocity modulation).

> A140 (EG) x 2, 
one A140 one A141,

 > A145 (LFO) x 2,
instead -> A-143-2: it's cheaper, takes less space and provides four LFOs.

> A138b. 
I promise: You will need more mixers. Take additionally an A-138c instead.

> Have I made any glaringly obvious
> mistakes or missed anything essential? And what's a good CV/Gate
> keyboard to use with all this? 
Why not use the A-190?

Basically this is a very conventional setup, quite solo-synth 
orientated. I do a lot with control and logic modules, which are missing 
completely in your setup.

> Lastly does anyone have any of these to
> sell (I'm based in the UK)?
Bakis Sirros is selling a A-108 at the moment (located in the EU)

You may subscribe to the Doepfer-maillist at yahoo (link see doepfer