Re: Combining modulars?

From Adam Muntner
Sent Thu, May 30th 1996, 08:46

On Thu, 30 May 1996, ruud lekx ruudly wrote:

> would it be possible to add certain modular components to, for exampe, a 
> korg ms20? This has all the components patchable on the front panel. Could i 
> for example add one of those interesting sounding new Doepfer modules to it, 
> a frequency shifting phase inverter or whatever they were called..:) The 
> basic vco' ,filters and envelopes are in the ms20... I realize it wouldnt 
> turn it into a full modular system all of a sudden, but it might add 
> interesting new sound possibilities..and give you relatively cost-effective 
> modular synthesis, since those doepfer modules by themselves aren't too 
> expensive. Any thoughts?

YES@#$! I do this all the time - tonight i used osc to control osc 1 in 
my EML electrocomp 101 as a ring mod source for my PAIA 2700/4700 series 
modular (4710 balanced modulator. fed that into the bandpass filter with 
hi res, and then cv'ed the filter cutoff with a wacky envelope from the 
4740 eg, then ran that through the spring reverb REAL wet. I was using a 
funky pattern from the 606 to ring modulate, btw, and also used the 606 
to trigger the 4740 eg, then through parts of the track i ran it through 
an analogue delay, also real wet most of the time but other times not.

i hat to say it but... guitars arent that bad. (shoot me) 
I never thought i'd say that! a bassist friend of mine came over with his 
EH Microsynth, his EH Big Muff (that thing RULES!!!!! next time im 
running a MC-202 through it!!!), some Mestro phaser that has a knob 
labeled "Balls" (!),  and his Roland Space Echo, which i had never used 
before and promptly fell in love with.  Fortunately, he let me borrow it 
until this weekend. we recorded an 11 minute dubbed out 
808-electro-ambient-noise-breaks track that i suspect clocked at about 
100 bpm or so.  the bass was making DEFINATELY non bass-guitar sounds and 
his excellent string manipulation made the track.

anyway about adding modules, go ahead! You will be glad you did, you 
control freak!

btw ruud, this track will be on the tape im sending you.