Re: Doepfer A-100 modular

From DJMaytag
Sent Sun, Feb 25th 1996, 07:03

At 02:39 PM 2/24/96 -0600, you wrote:
>> i was wondering if anyone had some more info about this modular system,
>> especially comments about the newer modules (high end VCO, multimode VCF,
>> etc). it sounds like it'd be something interesting to play with.
>Mitch, you might want to find the February issue of Future Music.  The CD 
>includes a few brief sounds created by the A-100.  I had been considering 
>it myself, but after hearing this short demo, I was left unimpressed.  I 
>tend to agree with a comment made here a few months ago:  Better a 
>one panel Serge than a full Doepfer system (roughly the same price).  I 
>will say, also, that whoever programmed the demo likely just sucked to 
>begin with.  But I didn't care much for the sound.

yeah, from what i read in the archives and heard so far, the standard vco
and "moog" filters aren't that great. but i'm more into the high end vco, to
do some linear FM (no not "that" FM). a soft sync input seems pretty cool.
as far as filtering goes, i'd be more inclined to get the 12/dB multimode

does anyone know what all the clock dividers, vc phasers, and vc switches
are all about? there are a lot of things in the lit that i got that seem
cool, but i'd need to more about what you could do with them (first hand
experience would be nice, but here in WI, i doubt it'll happen).

price? yeah, a small serge would be better than a full a-100, but i can't
afford either! the appealing thing about the a-100, is that i could start
with something small by setting it up like a sh-101 type synth, then buy a
new module every 3-4 weeks, since the modules are relatively cheap.

yeah, i know what you're talking about. i got the FM issue that had the nord
bleed samples on the cd. they were nothing but the damn presets! what a joke
(same goes for the synth).

i'm a believer in that, a excellent player/programmer can do more and sound
better with a shitty synth, than a shitty player/programmer can do with a
(your favorite synth - or most desired synth). i think i could make the
a-100 sound better than it could (or should) be.


p.s. when someone gets ahold of the newer modules, PLEASE let me know what
you think!!

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1) i'm not a dj
2) i have no intentions of becoming a dj
3) i'm not a washer and dryer repairman either.