Re: [AH] 25 uses for 25 feet of modular?

From John Papiewski
Sent Thu, Jan 16th 1970, 01:00

I have a *small* hardware modular, and based on using it and other modulars, this is how I would see Hans Zimmer's 25 foot Moog hybrid (I
assume that's the one you're talking about) :

1. With lots of modules, you can work on several independent patches, have them set up and ready for use.
2. Very complex control patches.  Setting up several sample-and-holds, sequencers controlling sequencers, adding multiple closely related
low frequency modulations, etc.
3. Very lush timbres for a single patch.  Using several oscillators for a particular timbre, especially with intermediate VCA's making
some oscillators transient in the sound. However, from what I've observed, beyond a certain point, adding more noisemakers into the mix
tends to muddle the sound, things get overloaded, swarmy and not useful.  I think this is due to the simple harmonic structure of square
waves, etc. - dump too many of them together, the harmonic energy gets crowded.

The other piece is, don't get too impressed with the thought of 25 feet of Moog modular.  Moog's module palette was pretty limited - VCO,
VCA, VCF, with a couple other gadgets here and there, so a big system will only repeat the same modules.  And Moog modules are BIG anyway
- A lot of panel real estate used by the phone jacks, dials, multiples, etc. 25 feet of modules is probably as big as a Moog gets.  I've
seen Buchla and Serge modulars that would be much more powerful, and I can imagine someone putting together a truly nasty Doepfer modular
together in a relatively small package.

John P.