Re: [AH] AcidLab M1AM1 sound demo (request)

From peter sedin
Sent Wed, Apr 1st 2009, 13:18

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it=B4s a winner! finally a=A0 808 clone!

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Subject: Re: [AH] AcidLab M1AM1 sound demo (request)
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Date: Wednesday, April 1, 2009, 12:31 PM

whats up with all the aliasing?

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Subject: [AH] AcidLab M1AM1 sound demo (request)

> Hi guys... I just upped an .mp3 to SoundCloud really quick. Sorry took so
> long, crazy day.
> This is me jamming it the first hour I had it.=A0 Straight house, Chicago=
> style of course, with a little extra shuffle thrown in, Miami style.
> I can't say enough good things about this box. Look forward to my next
> session with it.
> Enjoy.=A0 I'll upload some proper demos hopefully over the weekend for us=