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From Bakis Sirros
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ok, Guys, i am no tech, you know better than me...

i really do not know what module, or PSU system, is probably responsible =
for the unwanted modulation of the M15's, but one thing i know for sure: =
these little "problems" never stopped me at all from creating great =
sounds with my modules (from Doepfer and plan B and Cyndustries)...

best regards,    :-)

Bakis Sirros=20
Parallel Worlds / Interconnected / Memory Geist
doepfer_a100 group owner
Athens - Greece
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  The M15 is a receiver, not a generator of noise (unless you patch it =
out the outputs!).  Its got all of the noise immunity circuitry the ZO =
has, but bypass caps at both the comparator and expo. =20

  There are many others who are receivers.  At the risk of being a name =
dropper, let me just leave it at that so I don't list others which I am =
personally aware of. Filters of various manufacturers.

  The M15 nor the ZO are  the problem.  A noisy power system is the =
problem. =20

  On Feb 8, 2008, at 11:04 AM, Bakis Sirros wrote:

    hello Peter and Florian and list,

    ok, my experience (after using a huge doepfer modular with 18 G6 =
cases, for many years):
    i have not heard any crosstalk on doepfer modules, so far.
    the only crosstalk i have heard from modules mounted to my doepfer =
racks, are from a row that has two plan B model 15 vco's.
    please, do not get me wrong, i love the module 15's , but they are =
the only modules to which i noticed slight unwanted modulation (that's =
crosstalk, right?) from other modules (i think the modulation came from =
the other model 15, or the Cyndustries ZO, that is in the same row... or =
from another module that used to be next to the model 15's in the past)
    anyway, the problem is very small and not important for me, and i =
use the M15 vco's normally! btw, maybe there is crosstalk to the ZO too =
in this same raw, i am not sure...
    (btw, all these modules are mounted in a G6 with a PSU2 supply, but =
i do not think that this matters at all)

    just my experience, but, no disrespect at all: i DO like doepfer and =
plan B and Cyndustries modules!

    best regards,      :-)

    Bakis Sirros
    Parallel Worlds / Interconnected / Memory Geist
    doepfer_a100 group owner
    Athens - Greece
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      Hi Peter

        Um...with all respect, there most certainly is an issue with  =
crosstalk with current Eurorack power busses. The ground connections  on =
the bussboards are daisychained, which results in an open path for  =
noise created by one module to be  transmitted down the line.  As a  =
        VCOs and some filters placed in the same rack (powered by the  =
same PSU) as LFOs, EGs, and modules which use PICs or Microp's and  =
others which are notorious noise makers will cause the zero  transitions =
of these listed modules to be heard at the outputs audio  modules which =
share the same power.  So by noise I don't mean white  noise, but I so =
mean clicks, hums and audible LFO oscillations in the  signal path. This =
effect can be lessened by connecting the power to  any audio modules in =
shared racks as close to the main power inputs  as possible.  This works =
in some instances.
      Either I am deaf or I am lucky, but I had never those problems. =
      with diy bus boards nor with original Doepfer busboards (in total =
7 busses).
      And also I have to admit, that I use to have audio modules on the =
      side of the rack and control modules on the right side, simply =
because I
      like having the oversight - may be this avoids crosstalk influeces
      (though not intended).


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