[AH] FS: Blacet VCO with custom Doepfer faceplate

From Peter Grenader
Sent Sat, Nov 5th 2005, 19:04

With the VCO orders now current, I'm finally finding time to fit my own
system with actual production Model 15's and removing the (old and dying)
prototypes.  This has made one Blacet VCO available for sale which has been
fitted with a Deopfer sized faceplate which uses fully anodized graphics
(they will never rub off).  There is one more change:

The Up 1 oct/Down 1 octave input has been removed and a Gizmotron has been
added to one of the 1/V/oct inputs in it's place.   If you don't know what a
Gizmotron does, go here:


A picture of what this VCO looks like is here (this actually isn't the unit,
but it's one of the four I own). Other other photos on the site are from
before these had individual faceplates.


Look on the left side of this photo. The ,ounting holes on this unit i'm
selling are more in-line with the Doepfer hole locations.

The +1/-1 oct input is fully functional, it's just not been routed to the
faceplate.  The gizmotron-controlled input still gives you full 1v/oct
tracking when the pot is fully CW.

There's one other (small) hitch:

This was not mounted in a Doepfer rack.  The mounting holes may (moay not
though) require a bit of filing (small round file, takes a second) in order
to easily fit into the Doepfer mounting rails.   I've looked at it and I'm
not so sure it won't fit as is, sit looks as though you will be able to
walk' it in there -- so this may be a moot point. If not however, about 1
minute with a small round file will do the trick.  The holes are close
enough to their true position that you shouldn't see a slot after you've
done this and the unit is screwed into place.

Also note:  the PCBA of this unit is 6 inches deep.  It will NOT fit into a
portable Doepfer suitcase.  It WILL clear in a Doepfer and A. sys 19 inch
wide rackmount chassis however.

Because of this additions, the custom faceplate and taking away $$ for the
lack of the +/- oct input and the possible need for filing, I'm only asking
$170 for this little jewel, plus shipping costs. Playpal only, to this email
address. I'll ship anywhere.

The unit is in excellent condition and the VCO itself is one of the best on
the market.  It uses the same expo converter as the Model 15 -- An LS312 -
and because of this it is incredibly stable.  The timbral options run deep
and the thing is PHAT.   Go to the Blacet site for details.  Even though I
have four, I really hate to part with this guy.  I love these VCOs.  I just
have a real estate issue to deal with.

Contact me offline before you send $$ to make sure it's still available.

- P