Re: [AH] Moog Modular ... was [[Emerson Moog Modular Price]]

From Kenneth Balys
Sent Tue, Oct 21st 2014, 02:24

For Euro size, 26 TE/HP like the A113 Submarmonic Gen. would give a 
decent amount of finger space.

Of course for the 3U folk this may be horrifyingly small :)

I don't see myself ever abandoning or ceasing to use the Euro format for 
modular. Its just too convenient.

If that means Moog has to do surface mount to get things to fit then I 
am ok with that. As long as the sound is there.

Guess I am probably talking about nothing as there is no indication that 
there is any Moog Euro VCO on the horizon so I'll shut up now.

On 21.10.14 12:00 AM, Kylee Kennedy wrote:
> Agreed, I'd be happy with a little wider panel if they went 3U (I doubt it)
> The brilliance of the older Moog Modular and .com is the ergonomics.
> More spacing between knobs and jacks. The trend for most consumer
> objects and devices are towards smaller and cheaper though. Which is why
> I think Euro is the big winner right now. Moog Modular in DIY would be
> my dream...Then I could panelize it anyway possible.
> K
> On Mon, Oct 20, 2014 at 4:49 PM, Kenny Balys <
> <>> wrote:
>     I would love to see a few Eurorack modules.
>     The most obvious one for me at this time would be their gorgeous VCO.
>     Smoothly swinging a Moog VCO from saw to pulse with stable tuning
>     over 4 to 5 octaves in a Doepfer system should give everyone a
>     thrill on this list.
>     To be frank, I would not mind if the module was a little wider than
>     most.
>     On 20.10.14 11:39 PM, Wheaton, Simon wrote:
>         It is listed under a new category on their website called
>         "Modulars".