[AH] Re: [Mini-modulars, was Future Retro XS News

From Benjamin Ward
Sent Thu, Jan 19th 2006, 10:30

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>> Indeed... and just like every other FR machine out there, it is  
>> extremely
>> simple but (likely) extremely good at doing one thing very very  
>> well...
> For sure - looks great.  Very simple concept but I think we dont  
> have any
> very simple and compact mini-modular like this.  They have  
> definitely found
> a little niche..
> Paul

Excuse me if these are considered to not be simple, but what about  
Analogue Systems' Spawn or Apprentice, Analogue Solutions' Red Square  
and Vostok, Doepfer's MS-404 - and that's just a few of the European  
ones! :-)

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