RE: [AH] Australia and their Japanese Analogue Synths

From Paul Perry
Sent Thu, May 8th 2008, 02:58

The main music store chain was part owned by Roland.
Coincidence? I think not.
I got my MKS7 from Brashes cheap when it went out of production.

Also, there was at one stage an effort to get electronic music labs into
schools, based around the 100 series (not the 100M, I mean the big black
stuff). I bought the remains of one system years ago. (Gone now...)

paul perry Melbourne Australia
(back then I think the $Australian was worth 65 Yen or 65 cents US. Approx).

Paul perry Melbourne Australia

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conceivably the exchange rate between the Yen and AU$ was more 
favourable than between the Yen and other currencies at the time?

(though i think the ship/reef story is the most plausible :-))