Re: [AH] Paia Midi/CV Sync-24 question

From Stewart Pye
Sent Thu, Jan 14th 1970, 01:00


I had a similar problem with a Blacet midi to sync chip. As it turns out
the 606 doesn't seem to like a short pulse. I think even 1ms was too short. 

If you have a CRO, take a look at the pulses, If they're <1ms they're too

Anyway, I fixed the problem using a 555 monostable circuit with a duty
cycle of 5ms. This allows the 606 to go from really slow to over 250bpm.
This was possible because the Blacet chip has a /CLK output. You could use
a cmos or TTL monostable chip. These can be positive triggered. The MC1428
is one example.

Hope this helps

Stewart Pye


At 12:52 20/04/99 -0800, you wrote:
>Yes, I talked to several people over there and actually sent my midi2cv8 in
>to have this problem corrected. They checked it out and it was fine, and the
>sync worked perfectly with their 202. But when they sent it back it still
>didn't work with my 606. I talked to them about it over the phone and based
>on my case and some other similar reports they had received, we concluded
>that there is some inherent problem with the 606/midi2cv8 relationship. They
>offered to figure out what the problem was and fix it if somebody would send
>them a 606, but unfortunately I couldn't be without my 606 for that long at
>that time. (Since then I've bought a Jomox which takes care of all my midi ->
>sync needs at this point, so it's no longer an issue for me.)
>Obviously, I have no idea what the source of the problem is, so I don't know
>if it has anything to do with the levels. I would assume it's some kind of
>really bizarre/quirky thing having to do with some particular idiosyncracy of
>the 606 and some other particular idiosyncracy of the midi2cv8 since the
>midi2cv8 works fine with a 202 and 303 (and all other gear with sync inputs
>as far as I know) but not with a 606; while the 606 sync works fine with the
>Doepfer sync box, Jomox sync outputs, Korg KMS 30 and other midi to sync
>devices but not the midi2cv8.
>I'm sure if somebody wanted to part with a 606 for a few weeks Paia would be
>happy to try to figure out the problem and solve it, since there's a hell of
>a lot of 606 owners out there who (almost) all need some midi->sync