Re: doepfer prices

From abowyerlowe
Sent Tue, May 7th 1996, 20:12

>>The prices you saw, were probably the prices that the gear sells for in 
>>Germany. The difference is probably due to dealer mark up (a problem we have 
>>here in the UK!), and maybe some sort of import duty.

>Yea what's up with those U.K prices? most of the new gear sells for about
>what it does here in North America. Someones getting shafted. I could take a
>bunch of gear to the U.K and sell it and pay for my holiday all at once.

I blame Vince Clark and The Human League...

Everytime a desirable synth appears on these shores, the dealers add a few zeros
to the price, confident in the knowledge that Vince or Phil will still buy it 
for 'their collection'. Like Phil Oakey *really needs* 3 Jupiter 8;s...

Bitter and twisted,
Anthony Bowyer-Lowe. Audio Programmer @ Mindscrape (UK).
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