Re: [AH] ComDyna Re: [AH] analog computers?

From royce
Sent Thu, Nov 6th 2003, 16:51

Thanks Cynthia,

You are on my wavelength!  That was the site somebody
had pointed me to once.  Interesting stuff.  I was
talking to a friend at Lucent, whose knowledge of
electronics is far beyond mine (he does biotech
research (trying to develop a cheap way to diagnose
malaria and dengue fever using nanotechnology) on the
one hand at Berkely and on the other hand works on
phased array radar for Lucent/Pentagon on the other
hand). . . anyway I emailed my friend the link to the
computer (search on Ebay/ completed auctions/ analog
computer/ AMF educational computer) and he though it
was not worth the effort, but I don't know.  I few
logic modules in doepfer format would set me back 200$
which is alot for me to spend.  he pointed out that
analog computers are bad at delay, memory, sampling. 
That got me to thinking, wouldn't it be nice to have a
delay for cv processing that was kind of like analog
delay, with some attenuation of high frequencies,
decay of signal quality, etc.  Isn't that what strings
do when you slap them?  I would think that filter eg's
would benefit from sometimes having some
reverberabation or delay parameters.  I don't know how
to implement this even in Reaktor, much less a real
analog modular.


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