bangin' it up for Boston

From Teep
Sent Mon, Aug 8th 1994, 15:28

8 august 94    5am-6am   90.3 wZBC

halcyon + on + on *** orbital
aural wallpaper *** The Black Dog
just wanna bang *** todd terry
GAK 1 *** GAK
Hey! Hey! Can U Relate (sunshine dub) *** DJ Mink
Joyrex J4 *** caustic window
4J *** Kinesthesia Volume 1
Impact (the earth is burning) *** orbital
jungle pussy *** the black jack ep
olivine by close up over *** Black Dog Productions
depressurization *** Drexciya
polygon windown *** polygon windown
cycle *** the black dog
trancendental funk bump *** freaky chakra
independence *** underground trak team
newlands *** truth
GAK 4 *** GAK
le soleil et la mer *** black dog productions remix

you know the earth IS burning,
but this weekend boston felt like the garden of eden
after a day of steady rain the sun rose and set without ever
kissing the hand of madame cloud. . .wow!
the sudden flush of oxygen is intoxicating
happy days ARE here again. . .
This is my set list from a guest slot on the fine Boston
Underground radio show, _Beyond the QE2_. (sundaze 2am-6am)

Beantown IDMer's may want to listen to Sasha (us) from 11pm-2, he's
been playing *a truckload* of premiero tunage culled from this list.