Analog Sequencers w/ Knobs - Doepfer MAQ

From j303
Sent Mon, Nov 6th 1995, 16:05

i'd like an analog sequencer that has knobs, but I don't know what is out
I mean, how do they work?
Can you turn knobs while sequence is running, so that you can alter it, and
create random stuff, yet still have it loop around?
Also, how do you save sequences on these?  Tape?
And, finally, what are people's opinions of the Doepfer MAQ 16/3?
I know that it is MIDI, so that's a semi-plus.
But, I also hear that it has a small memory, so you must sys-ex alot.  Also,
what is the going price on it.  I know that they rereleased it, with a white
front panel, and more mem.
Any help appreciated.