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From Kelley Hackett
Sent Thu, May 6th 1999, 14:28

Funny that U type that BB-kid!

Cuz that is what I told him via E-mail!  And if he didnt return those
cats items, that is just about what would have happened to his punk-ass;
he would have got fucked!

Now, he doesnt owe me shit! But the principle of the matter dictates
that all of us should come down on his ass like a 190,000 ton Anvil!
Cuz tha muthafucka knew what he was doing when he promised somebody that
he would send them Cds!

This aint personal, it goes for everybody out there who wants to cheat
and beat people!  
Oh and by the way, just like many doctors of the early twentieth
century, I make housecalls!

I hope some of U share in my sentiments that we should band together
when anything like this happens----if ya dont----thats cool too


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> put it this way
> and
> FUCK HIS Unresponsiveness
> in other words
> unless 4months waiting period is a short time to you!!!
> Bill, you suck.
> g
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> >
> > << I got the trade that he owed me yesterday.  Everything is in good
> order.
> >  I just wanted to be fair and let you all know that he finally came
> >  through.  Better late than never...
> >
> >  I guess you can move him from the "Bad Trader" list to the "Slow
> Trader"
> >  list. >>
> >
> > yeah i got mine too from him FINALLY.  I personally would keep him
> in the bad
> > trader catagory, not only because he was ultra-slow, but he was
> > ultra-unresponsive
> > with emails until I was finally forced to resort to threats with
> him. and
> > when he finally responded it was ultra-curt and rude, with a tone as
> if he
> > was doing nothing wrong by not responding to me previously and not
> sending my
> > cd.  Sorry, but i have traded with many folks on the net through the
> years,
> > and find this sort of exasperating behaviour the exception that I
> can do
> > without, thank you!  Ok - just needed to vent!
> > -Thad
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