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From Steve
Sent Sat, Jan 16th 1999, 18:46

I assemble the MOTM modules myself.  It takes an hour or two each.  Do I like
them?  YES, I like them very much.  I don't have the exposure to every modular
system as some other list members, however I have used a few different systems.
I don't see any comparison.  My MOTM system just plain rocks.  It is the best
IMHO.  Physically couldn't be any better, sound wise the only module that makes
any noise is the noise module.  The construction and parts selection is first
rate.  The look great to boot!

Modules currently availabe (or available next week):
S&H / Noise (2)
Ring Mod / VCA (3)
Sub Octave Multiplexer (3)
Dual Voltage controlled switch (2)
Mult (has 3.5mm -> 1/4" -> banana X 6) (2)
Powersupply (1)

The number to the right is how many I have (or ordered) of that module.  I
really like it.  It obviously is not yet a stand alone synth.  However, modules
keep coming.  It won't be much longer (summer) and all of the basics will be
available and then the fun stuff will come out.  Like the Oberheim Xpander 15
mode filter, and the modular analog sequencer!!  The advantage to getting a
system started now is you can build it a paycheck / module at a time without the
gear lust taking over your credit cards (because only a few modules are
available so far) and you can assemble them as they come vice having a huge pile
of modules to assemble all at once.  The modules are very easy to assemble.  It
only takes basic electronics tools.

Price wise, they cost a bit more than doepfer, but the quality, panel size, 1/4"
jacks etc beat them.  They are a lot cheaper than Serge.  I DON'T want to start
a this is better than that modular war.  This is my opinion.  If you have more
specific questions, feel free to ask.  Or email Paul, he loves to talk about


Bill Fox wrote:

> >Gear List:
> >    MOTM modular (growing every day!)
> >Steve in Hawaii
> Did you build those MOTMs or buy them pre-assembled?  Do you like them?
> Which ones do you have and what others are available?  Can you compare them
> to your 2600?
> Bill  
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