Re: analog sequencers again - yum

From Doug Masla
Sent Tue, Dec 16th 1997, 10:57

At 11:10 PM +0900 12/15/97, Alex Cavaye wrote:
>Has anyone tried out the Analogue Systems TH48?  It's about $1000 if i've
>got my conversion math right.  Is it better or worse to control CV synths
>than the MAQ16/3?  Does the MAQ have a clock trigger input?  What about
>that new Doepfer module?  Is MoogMusic(tm, r, c, inc, p) redoing the 960?
>I know i've asked it before, but maybe i'll get different answers now (well
>you never know on AH =)  Are there any decent analog sequencers for under
>$250?  (That would be 16-step ones of course, not big 48ers)

THE DOEPFER CAN ONLY  be clocked via:midi...
the AS-TH48 is a very good sequencer,I had one for a few days in teh summer
for evaluation,ind think very well of the unit.(keep in mind there is no
quantized vc out on the MAQ adncv/gate was an after-
can't comment on the new doepfer except its inexpencive,my favorite ctright
out of the box seq.(cv/gate) is the ARP...
Doug M.