Doepfer gear prices

From L Bergman
Sent Wed, Feb 4th 1998, 17:19


I'm a new-comer to the list.  I sold of all my analogue gear several
years back (a move that I've come to regret), but am considering getting
back into it.  I'm particularly intrigued by modular systems, something
I've never owned.

After reading the review of the Doepfer A-100 in the latest Keyboard,
and scanning the reviews in the AH archives, this seems like it would be
a good entry point.  I note that Enport sells this system for $2400. 
Doepfer lists the same unit for DM 2750 which is $1522.  I understand
that Enport adds some value by (presumably) supplying warrenty service,
but almost 60% added to the cost seems high (may actually be more than
60% since German prices are typically listed including 15% VAT which is
not passed on to US purchasers).  I'd be willing to buy directly from
Doepfer, save the $$$s and take my chances on the warrenty (presumably
it would come with none).  The catch is that Doepfer will not sell
directly to US customers.  Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can
order overseas and save the almost $900 difference?  At $1500+ this
seems very affordable to me; $2400 is stretching my budget.  I'm hoping
that the desire to save some money (and being willing to make the
service trade-off) will seem a reasonable and not too off-top goal for
readers of this group.

Thanks for any tips,