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Sent Sat, Apr 8th 1995, 05:05

On Fri, 7 Apr 95 18:21:18 MDT, 
Cord Mueller  <> wrote:

>Take a Kawai Q80. It has real time and step recording and also you can edit
>every single step!!!! It comes with a floppy drive and also receives sysex!

I have heard these are quite nice as well and are usually pretty cheap.  I 
recently saw Richie Hawtin do a whole set from this little unit.

Speaking of stand alone sequencers, how many Doepfer 16/3 users are there 
out there?  i just got mine and it is *FRESH*.  I especially love the 
interaction between the 3 sequences, like using one to transpose or change 
the MIDI channel of the other.   Very cool.  It has a very nice step mode as 
well that (when synced to MIDI) doesn't step immediately when you press step.
It waits (again, when synced to MIDI, it steps normal when running on its 
internal clock) for the next MIDI increment that you have assigned as that 
sequences step time.  Very cool for live work, you could step it manually 
and be assured that its output would still be quantised to your master 
clock.  Did I explain that wierd?

ANyway, I really love mine and plan to all my live shows from now with it 
and my mc4b as the main sequencers.  So long boring mmt8!

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