Re: [AH] Re: andromeda strain

From Legion
Sent Wed, Feb 9th 2000, 23:30

> >(3) i think he has a valid point which is: alesis is, as many people have
> >pointed out, known for low-price-point gear. it's a fair question to have
> >doubts about buying a $3500 synth from them.
> Or...WAIT an extended (not always TOO long either..) period of time and get
> it fer maybe 1/2 price or less.

Oh God yes, this is really the best of both worlds.

All new products instantly lose value as soon as you open the box. Most
retailers and companies lower the price after the first year as well.
The even better upside is usually "used" items are returns and barely
used during this period. When MC505's were selling for $1100 new I was
able to find one mint in the original box with all manuals for hundreds
less than that with fully warrenty and such from a dealer. now they sell
for $750 used (I "lost" more money!) but I've been using it quite a bit
so i'm glad I got it when I did.

This year I bought a New DL4 delay unit for $200 plsu $$ for the PS.
That's fine at that price but there's NO way I'll buy any new synth
"new" again given the prices of the gear I'm interested in unless it's
something like the awesome new modulars out there which are a bargain at
twice their price (Doepfer,Blacet, Wiard, etc etc).

Still waiting for that $200 ER1...

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