Doepfer- Sys700 Vs Sys100m??

From Mike Peake
Sent Thu, Jan 15th 1970, 01:00

>i sold my roland 100m setup (albeit a small one) upon getting to doepfer,
>because the A100 appealed more to these ears.

Hmm. I haven't heard the Doepfer yet, but I'm impressed with the range of 
modules they offer. Since you sold your 100m for one, I'm interested if 
anyone on the list owns or has heard both the Sytem 700 and 100m side by 
side, and what they think of each. I've seen a lot of 100m for sale on 
AH, but only one complete 700. Are people turning over the 100m because 
it doesn't cut the mustard, so to speak? 

I love my 700 lab unit, and would probably add some 100m to it if they 
sound similar. If they do sound similar, then why are people selling them?




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