From Erik The ViKing
Sent Thu, Feb 1st 1996, 10:42

Has anybody got the Eprom dump for Doepfer's MCV1 and MCV8 (they should be
the same according to the schematics.

If anybody would like these schematics give me your snail-mail address and
I'll make a copy for you. Both schematic and PCB layout are available. The
text is dutch but isn't all that important. If you want to I can send you a
doc how it works etc.... The reason I don't scan this image is because it's
already not so clear on the original; a lot of very thin lines etc.

(MCV1 & MCV8 are Midi-2-CV ports respectively 1 and 8 oscs.)

If someone in the US or so want this schematics we can do a trade, because
otherwise it's going to be too expensive for me.

Let me know

Erik The ViKing