Re: Anybody using Doepfer Schaltwerk ?

From James R. Coplin
Sent Tue, Jun 30th 1998, 17:03

Wessel Weezenberg wrote:
> "EMIS" <> wrote:
> > It appears Tom's idea of the Schaltwerk is based on mis-reading the
> concept.
> > The Schaltwerk IS a CV/Gate sequencer - what do you think the 8 CV and
> Gate
> Doesn't it also send MIDI? I'm sure the review I read (months ago,
> probably in The Mix, maybe SOS) made reference to using it with
> "nothing more sophisticated than an MT-32..." Maybe the reviewer got
> his MT-32 "retrofitted" with CV/gate. ;-)
> Can anyone confirm/deny?

it does both. it has 1 gate and 2 cvs for each row, ie 8 gates and 16
cvs. it also sends midi note, gate, and velocity data. as programed for
a row. each row can be on a different midi channel and have it's own
velocities and gate times. also, and this seems to be a *big*
misconception, each step in a row can be a different note value so you
can program melodic sequences. you just can't use the values of one row
to modify and interact with the other rows like you can on a maq. being
able to have different notes on a row comes in super handy when using it
for the straight forward percussive stuff. you can have a row of mainly
closed hats but also have open hats triggered on the row without having
to waste on of the 8 rows for accent beats. 

> My question about this box first arose out of curisity about the programming
> interface.Reason: I spent some time with a guy using a Maq16/3, and soon
> discovered it was not my thing. Offcourse, it is supposed to be ideal with
> lots of non midi synthes, but programmingthis thing looked like a real pain.

i can understand it not being your thing but programming it is simple.
just select the row, what it's doing, and dial in a value. maybe you
should check it out again to be sure.

> What I look for is a midi hardware step sequencer with all time acces on all
> tracks and steps. It is not my concern whether or not it has midi or
> CV/gate, because basically that won't be of any difference for prgramming as
> such. I mean , a midi signal or a VCV/gate signal, you will have to get it
> in teh sequencer in the first place.

you don't program the schaltwerk by sending it midi or gate stuff. all
rows and all steps in the rows are available live. some funtionality
requires you to select a row to changes values like global note,
velocity, midi channel, gate time, etc. ans see above, it does both midi
and cv/gate out.

> I use Tr drummachines, trigger a lot with them, midi ad non midi sources.
> Does the schaltwerk provide the same kind of programming, but in a much more
> sophisticated way, or is this a total misconcpetion of my side.

the schaltwerk was designed as 8 tr style sequencers. it provides much
more flexibility than the tr stuff and is a joy to use.

> If it does this kind of programming, is acces to different event parameters
> easy, in realtime accesable or not.

parameters such as what?
> I don't mind it only having eight tracks, it is possible to trigger chords
> as well wityh one step as I understand, and program change won't be a bother
> either I suppose. So what it comes down to is the question: do I program it
> from the front panel by pushing the buttons (for a non skilled keybord
> player like myself ideal for bassline patterns and other groovy stuff) on
> and off, or is this not the way it works.

yup. largely you puch buttons on and off while the pretty lights go by.
a like to let it run without triggering anything sometimes when people
come over just because it looks so sexy. ;)
> The price is pain too, BTW  :-((

i thought so to until i bought it. i'd buy another one in a heart beat.
if anyone has any real particular questions i can dig out the manual for
it. later and i hope this helps. 

james r. coplin