From Haible_Juergen#Tel2743
Sent Fri, Oct 13th 1995, 22:00

> I got this little envelope of Big Head Hurt in the mail today. Doepfer
> A100 catalog. Very scary. Pricelist, even scarier! The most expensive
> module _is_ only $102 (the VCO and the multimode VCF), and the average
> price is around $70. This thing is almost the Bag of Lay's Potato Chips
> of modules, considering how stoopid-cheap everything is. Anyone up for
> building Tonto, the Home Version?


there is one thing we almost forget when we look at those astonishing
low prices: The A-100 has almost no mixers built into their modules.
So for a real VCF  You probably need two additional Mixer modules,
one for signals and one for CV's, plus the patchcords. This will add
to the costs of the "pure" Module !
(This is from Memory - I saw it on the trade fair in Frankfurt. Have they
changed this, meanwhile ?)