Re: ??? How much for Voyerta 8 ???

From tmoravan
Sent Thu, Apr 20th 1995, 12:28

> >How much is a good price for Voyerta 8?
> >Does $1000 sound reasonable. It is the latest revision.
> >No keyboard though.
> Jeannie,
> $1000 is a good price if it is a rev 4(?), ie the latest rev.  You should 
> check out this instrument thoroughly, though, before purchasing, as there 
> aren't many that can work on it.  Does anyone on AH have the prints?
Nope - I checked before.  Supposedly, Voyetra never made them generally
available.  Same as Marshall electronic and a few others.  According to Peter
at Doubletake, you need buss extenders, 100MHz scope and a bunch of other
special equipment.

Tom Moravansky                                    
                     still looking for a Crumar Spirit