[AH] FS: Blacet to Doepfer/Analogue Systems adaptor faceplate

From Peter Grenader
Sent Fri, Nov 14th 2003, 23:21

Didn't seem to send the first time, so try, try again....(sorry if you get
this more than once).

Name your price (over $65 or forget it) for this slightly oddball and quite
specific faceplate, which is one solid piece and contains the graphics for
four Blacet VCOs, a Final Filter and Blacet ring modulator.

There is a picture link below, but in the meanwhile it is .62 thick, exactly
as tall as required to fit into a 3RU rack, and (here's the weird part) 432
mm wide (a tad over 17 inches).  The graphics are permanent, as it is made
from photosensitive aluminum, with black anodized graphics over a clear
anodize - exactly the same process used for Modcan, Cynthia and Serge

Some of the module widths have been reduced from the usual Blacet 3 inches
- utilizing 'more sh@t in less space' technology.  One other odd thing:  the
up an oct - down an oct input has been replace with a larger hole, which was
used to incorporate a gizmotron into one of the 1V/oct inputs.  So, you can
put the original input back, but you'll need a washer as now that original
1/4 hole is 3/8 in diameter -or- I WILL THROW IN FOUR BARE GIZMOTRON
BOARDS.. FOR FREE.   that's a value of....not much, but somethin'!!!!

here are pictures:

left end:


right end:


So what in the hell is a Gizmotron, anyway??  Go here:


A note to John Blacet:  not to worry, I'm not removing your excellent
products from my system,  I just made yet narrower ones to once again
capitalize on 'more sh@t into less space" technology as I've recently made a
dual voltage processor and have nowhere else to slap it in except on this

There are some slight (SLIGHT) scratches, but really, they are impossible to
see without a bright light and magnifier.  I'm pretty anal about keeping
this stuff in good order.

So, now you can own a piece of the box that made Electrolux among other
great EAM classics. OK OK OK, admittedly, this thing I'm selling is not for
everyone...but surely it's for SOMEONE?  That someone can contact me off
line if interested.

As always, I'll ship anywhere in the world except New Jersy

- Peter

P.S. Just kidding about N.J.