RE: [AH] Roland SH2 Filter

From Eduardo Saponara
Sent Thu, Jan 15th 2009, 19:16

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I love the SH-2=2C but I guess the filter isn't that special.  i quite like=
 the filter but hate the bass drop with resonance (on all filters=2C I put =
up with it=2C but it sucks) What mod could add more bite?  perhaps just inc=
reasing the input level from the mixer?
> From:> To:> Date: Thu=2C 15 Jan 20=
09 11:02:41 +1300> Subject: [AH] Roland SH2 Filter> > The SH2 in the 1980's=
 was completely ignored and considered a waste of > time like the TB-303---=
the main reason is the SH2 stock standard > filter lacked the bite of the e=
arlier system 100 101 102 filter---the > SH2 filter is more like the system=
 100M 112 --nothing special in its > stock standard form> > I recall seeing=
 a mod for the SH2 Filter that made it slightly more > aggressive --can no =
longer find the link> Anyone still have this> > thanks David
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